Pro Kabaddi League Auction 2018, LIVE updates


That ends the proceedings for the day. What a day it was. Record were made only for it to be broken within minutes. Monu Goyat becomes the most expensive player in PKL history after being sold for Rs 1.51 crore. Rahul Chaudhrai held the record for few minutes as he was bought for Rs 1.29 crore.

Nitin Tomar and Deepak Hooda shared the honours with fees of Rs 1.15 crore, while Rishank Devadiga attracted a fee of 1.11 crore.

Fazel Atrachali becomes the most expensive foreign player after being brought for 1 crore. His teammate Abozar Mohajermighani is the most expensive defender with a price of Rs 76 lakh. Surender Nada is the most expensive Indian defender with a fee of Rs 75 lakh


Deepak Narwal is the final player to be auctioned today

Deepak Narwal SOLD to Patna Pirates for Rs 57 lakh


Next up is Monu Goyat!


Exhilarating stuff! Monu Goyat smashes the record right away and is SOLD for a mammoth price of Rs 1.51 Crore!




Patna lead the race with a bid of Rs 110


Suddenly Dabang Delhi come from nowhere with a bid of Rs 1.17 crore and Rahul Chaudhari is now the most expensive player in PKL history!


Rahul Chaudhari stays with Telugu Titans!

Titans match Dabang Delhi’s bid of Rs 1.29 crore using FBM to keep their superstar!


Kashiling Adake now!

Kashiling Adake SOLD to Bengaluru Bulls for Rs 32 lakh


Sukesh Hegde SOLD to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs 28 Lakh


The auction resumes and the first player is Sukesh Hegde


Pawan Kumar Kadian SOLD to Dabang Delhi for Rs 20 lakh


K Prapanjan SOLD to Gujarat Fortunegiants for Rs 38 lakh


Rishank Devadiga being auctioned now!

Bid already at Rs 98 lakh. Patna Pirates lead the race.

Rishank Devadiga retained by UP Yoddha for Rs 1.11 crore!

Phew! What a fight! UP Yoddha have the last laugh as they retain Rishank Devadiga using Final Bid Match to steal the young raider from Dabang Delhi who had the highest bid


Wazir Singh SOLD to Haryana Steelers for Rs 20 Lakh


Srikanth Jadhav SOLD to UP Yoddha for Rs 38 lakh


Next up is ANUP KUMAR! 

Anup Kumar is SOLD to Jaipur Pink Panthers for Rs 30 Lakh

U Mumba refuse the option to match the bid for Anup Kumar and he will play for Jaipur Pink Panthers next season. What a start to the raiders auction


It’s time for the raiders!

And it’s Nitin Tomar!

Nitin equals Deepak’s record! 

Nitin Tomar SOLD to Puneri Paltan for Rs 1.15 crore!


Ravinder Pahal is UNSOLD!

Big surprise to end the defenders category. Pahal fails to find a buyer.


Sandeep Kumar Dhull SOLD to Jaipur Pink Panthers for rs 66 lakh


Darsan J SOLD to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs 28 lakh


Surender Nada is up next!

Surender Nada goes to Haryana Steelers for Rs 75 lakh

No reunion for Surender Nada with Mohit Chhillar as haryana Steelers match Jaipur Pink Panthers’ bid to retain Nada. This was some bidding war. It’s heating up!


Mahendra Singh SOLD to Bengaluru Bulls for Rs 40 lakh

Bulls use their FBM card to retain Mahendra Singh


Mohit Chhillar is up next!

Mohit Chhillar SOLD to Jaipur Pink Panthers for Rs 58 lakh

What a time Jaipur are having. After Deepak Hooda, Jaipur pick up Mohit Chhillar who is one of the best right corners in the game


Jeeva Kumar is next!

Veteran cover defender Jeeva Kumar is up for grabs now

Jeeva Kumar SOLD to UP Yoddha for Rs 45 lakh

UP Yoddha havetheir veteran defender back but they have had to win a bidding war to get him. No Final Bid Match used


Parvesh Bhainswal is the first defender up for grabs

The young defender came to prominence with Gujarat Fortunegiants last season. How much price will he attract?

Parvesh Bhainswal SOLD to Gujarat Fortunegiants for Rs 35 lakh

Gujarat retain their player after matching UP Yoddha’s bid at 35 lakh using the Final Bid Match card.


All-rounders are done. Next up are the defenders. We will be back with more updates shorly




Everyone seems to be after the former Puneri Paltan captain. Haryana Steelers leading the chase at Rs 87 lakh


Deepak Niwas Hooda surpasses Fazel Atrachali as the most expensive player in Pro Kabaddi history. Steelers lead with Rs 1.03 crore

Deepak Niwas Hooda SOLD to Jaipur Pink Panthers for 1.15 Crore

What a battle! Deepak Hooda is the most expensive player in PKL history. Jaipur Pink Panthers who entered the race late on near the 100-mark get their man as Puneri Paltan refuse to exercise their Final Bid Match card


Kuldeep Singh SOLD to Patna Pirates for Rs 22 lakh


Manjeet Chhillar is SOLD to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs 20 lakh

Surprise! Surprise! Manjeet goes to Tamil Thalaivas for the base price. The player who went for Rs 75 lakh in the last auction almost went Unsold tonight. But the Thalaivas have a top player at a very cheap price


Manjeet Chhillar is up next!


Shrikanth Tewthia SOLD to Bengal Warriors for Rs 25 lakh

Steal from the Warriors who have made a bright start to the Auctions


Ran Singh in a Tiger again!

Bengal Warriors keep Ran Singh after using their Final Bid Match for Jaipur Pink Panthers’ bid of Rs 43 lakh


All-rounders from Domestic category A will be auctioned first. The base price is Rs 20 lakh


The auction for the Category A domestic players will begin shortly


Here is the list of players to be auctioned now:


Deepak Niwas Hooda

Kuldeep Singh

Manjeet Chillar

Ran Singh


Shrikant Tewathia

Sandeep Dhull

Surinder Nada

Mahender Singh

Parvesh Bhainswal

Jeeva Kumar

Mohit Chillar

Ravinder Pahal

Darshan J


Anup Kumar

Deepak Narwal

K Prapanjan

Kashiling Adake

Monu Goyat

Nitin Tomar

Pawan Kumar

Rahul Chaudhari

Rishank Devadiga

Shrikant Jadhav

Sukesh Hegde

Wazir Singh



Domestic Players Category A is up next. That features stars like Anup Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Manjeet Chhillar, Surender Nada, Deepak Niwas Hooda and all the other big names. Their auction starts at 6:30 PM IST


Overseas players SOLD in the second round

Gyung Tae Kim (South Korea) SOLD to Bengaluru Bulls for  Rs 8 lakh

Hyunil Park (South Korea) SOLD to Patna Pirates for Rs 8 Lakh

Jae Min Lee (South Korea) SOLD to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs 8 lakh


Second round of overseas player auction begins!

Select unsold overseas players gone will be up for grabs again


The player auction for overseas players is over.

Makoto Sawazu (Japan) is UNSOLD

Wei Hung Lin (Chinese Taipei) is UNSOLD

Mohammad Maghshoudulu (Iran) is UNSOLD

Lahiru Bandara (Sri Lanka) is UNSOLD

Michal Spiczko (Poland) is UNSOLD

James Obilo (Kenya) is UNSOLD

Piotr Sitek (Poland) is UNSOLD

Piotr Karnowicz (Poland) is UNSOLD

Khatervan Mariapan (Malaysia) is UNSOLD

Ranidu Chamara (Sri Lanka) is UNSOLD

Mugilan Batumalai (Malaysia) is UNSOLD

Hadi Tajik (Iran) SOLD to U Mumba

Young Chang Ko (South Korea) SOLD to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaepil Jo (South Korea) is UNSOLD

Filip Szczeski (Poland) is UNSOLD

Jae Min Lee (South Korea) is UNSOLD

Bassy Jonathan (Mauritius) is UNSOLD

Chaminda Mudiyanselage (Sri Lanka) is UNSOLD

Dong Geon Lee (South Korea) is SOLD to Gujarat Fortunegiants for 17.2 lakh

Khomsan Thongkham SOLD to Dabang Delhi for Rs 8 lakh

Felix Opana (Kenya) is UNSOLD

Milinda Chathuranga (Sri Lanka) is UNSOLD

Md. Fatin Fuhad (Bangladesh) is UNSOLD

David Mosambayi (Kenya) SOLD to Jaipur Pink Panthers for 10.2 lakh

Suleiman Kabir SOLD to UP Yoddha for 8 lakh

Md Zakir Hossain (Bangladesh) SOLD to Haryana Steelers for Rs 8.4 lakh

Select Unsold players from this category will be auctioned again in a short while. Keep following for more updates


Category C foreign players auctioned so far

Sanjay Shrestha SOLD to Puneri Paltan for 8 Lakh

Seaong Ryeol Kim SOLD to UP Yoddha for 8.2 Lakh

Victor Obiero (Kenya) is UNSOLD

Chan Sik Park (South Korea) SOLD to Tamil Thalaivas for 8 lakh

Hyunil Park (South Korea) is UNSOLD

Dong Gyu Kim (South Korea) is UNSOLD

Tin Phonchoo (Thailand) is UNSOLD

Ogak Odhiambo (Kenya) is UNSOLD

Chi-Ming Chang is UNSOLD

Gyung Tae Kin (South Korea) is UNSOLD

Dong Ju Hong (South Korea) SOLD to Bengaluru Bulls for 8 Lakh

I Halus Wayan (Indonesia) is UNSOLD

Dicki Candra (Indonesia) is UNSOLD

Mohammad Shazid Hossain (Bangladesh) is UNSOLD

Chrispine Oketch (Kenya) is UNSOLD

Taedeok Eom (South Korea) is SOLD to Patna Pirates for 11.4 lakh


Abofazl Maghsodlouemahali (Iran) Riader SOLD to U Mumba


Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan (Iran) Right-Cover Defender SOLD to Telugu Titans


Ziaur Rahman (Bangladesh) Left Cover defender SOLD to Bengal Warriors


SOLD! Hadi Oshtorak goes to Gujarat Fortunegiants!


Fazel Atrachali SOLD to U Mumba for Rs 1 crore


SOLD! Abozar Mohajermighani to Telugu Titans for 76 lakh


Guidelines to team formation!

– A Franchise may choose between 18-25 players to form a team
– A team can choose up to 3 players from the Future Kabaddi Heroes 2018 programme
– If a team has 4 Elite Retained Players, they can exercise 1 “Final Bid Match” option in open auction
– If a team has less than 4 Elite Retained Players, they can exercise 2 “Final Bid Match” options in open auction
– Number of overseas players in a team may vary from 2 to 4
– The total salary purse available to each Franchisee is INR 4 Crores


List of Elite retained players

​Bengal Warriors: Surjeet Singh, Maninder Singh

Bengaluru Bulls: Rohit Kumar

Dabang Delhi K.C.: Meraj Sheykh

Gujarat Fortunegiants: Sachin, Sunil Kumar, Mahendra Rajput

Haryana Steelers: Kuldeep Singh

Patna Pirates: Pardeep Narwal, Jaideep, Jawahar Dagar, Manish Kumar

Puneri Paltan: Sandeep Narwal, Rajesh Mondal, More GB, Girish Maruti Ernak

​Tamil Thalaivas: Ajay Thakur, Amit Hooda, C. Arun

​Telugu Titans: Nilesh Salunke, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari

Jaipur Pink Panthers: No players retained

U Mumba: No players retained

UP Yoddha: No players retained

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